Median Home Sales Prices in Washington State in the Last 20 Years

Are you a homeowner in Washington State? If so, you may be interested to know that the median home sales price in the state has increased significantly over the past few years. With the current hot market, now may be the perfect time to sell your home and capitalize on this upward trend.

According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management*, Washington State has seen significant growth in median home sales prices over the past two decades. In 2001, the median home sales price in the state was $179,900. This increased gradually over the next few years, reaching $260,900 in 2005.

However, the biggest increase in median home sales prices occurred between 2005 and 2008, when the price rose from $260,900 to $284,400. This represented a 9% increase in just three years.

After 2008, the housing market in Washington State experienced a downturn, with the median home sales price dropping to $253,800 in 2013. Since then, the market has recovered, and the median home sales price reached $560,400 in 2021, an increase of over 120% since 2013*.

Overall, Washington State has seen a steady increase in median home sales prices over the past two decades, with some fluctuations along the way. This trend is expected to continue as the state continues to grow and attract new residents.

Year Median Home Price Percentage Change
2021 $560,400 23.84%
2020 $452,400 13.05%
2019 $397,900 9.60%
2018 $362,100 4.72%
2017 $348,900 10.54%
2016 $315,900 9.13%
2015 $289,100 7.70%
2014 $267,600 5.71%
2013 $253,800 6.93%
2012 $236,600 5.16%
2011 $223,900 -2.53%
2010 $246,300 -1.10%
2009 $250,400 -10.27%
2008 $284,400 -3.24%
2007 $309,600 5.62%
2006 $293,800 12.48%
2005 $260,900 15.20%
2004 $225,000 10.24%
2003 $203,800 13.75%
2002 $188,500 5.90%
2001 $179,900 3.36%

The Washington State housing market is currently thriving, with the median home sales price at an all-time high. If you're a homeowner considering selling, there may not be a better time than now to take advantage of the hot market and capitalize on the significant increase in home prices. With the state's continued growth and influx of new residents, it's likely that this upward trend in home prices will continue, making it an opportune time to sell.

*Washington State Office of Financial Management. (2021). Median Home Price. Retrieved from

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