Can I Sell a House with Unpermitted Work in Washington State?

In the bustling real estate market of Washington State, homeowners often find themselves facing unexpected hurdles when it comes to selling a house with unpermitted work. Most homeowners don't know that even seemingly small home improvement projects might require permits to comply with local ordinances. This lack of awareness can lead to prospective buyers raising concerns about legal and safety issues, creating significant roadblocks for sellers.

Before diving into the details of selling a house with unpermitted work, it's crucial to understand the importance of permits. While minor tasks like floor installation and painting might not require permits, extensive changes to your home should prompt thorough research into local regulations. Permits serve as a safeguard, ensuring construction is completed correctly, and homes remain safe.

Understanding the Impact of Unpermitted Work

During a home inspection, any undisclosed unpermitted improvements can raise red flags, potentially jeopardizing the sale. The consequences range from difficult negotiations leading to a deep dive in the sale price of the home during the sale to facing very real legal repercussions.

Buyers, wary of potential issues, often hesitate when considering a property with unpermitted work. Many lenders may even refuse to approve loans for these kinds of homes, making it crucial to address these concerns during the home inspection phase.

Can you sell a home with unpermitted work in Washington State?

Selling a house with unpermitted work is indeed possible in Washington State, but transparency is key. Sellers are required to disclose this information before the buying process begins. The new homeowner will most likely need to permit the existing unpermitted work themselves immediately after sale.

Sellers may be required by home inspectors to retroactively permit the additions, potentially resulting in costly repairs. Some local governments may even demand the removal of unapproved changes, and property tax implications could add another layer of complexity. Ultimately the best way to wash your hands of the situation is to make things right or be extremely transparent with potential buyers.

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How to Sell a Home with Unpermitted Additions

For those looking to sell a home with unpermitted work, two options exist: selling the property as-is or obtaining the proper permits.

Selling As-Is

Selling as-is involves full disclosure of unpermitted work, inevitably reducing the home's value. While negotiation skills are essential to secure the best deal, certain buyers, like professional home buyers, might find value in the opportunity to renovate. If they are already planning to make extensive renovations, it may not matter if work is unpermitted.

Obtain the Permits

On the flip side, you can reach out to your local permitting offices and start retroactively acquiring the permits. The process and cost depend on the extent of the unapproved changes made to the home. After speaking with local building authorities your home will undergo inspections. The home inspector may require necessary adjustments for approval with will also require hiring a contractor.

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Selling a house with unpermitted work demands careful navigation of legal, financial, and safety tightrope. Be transparent and upfront and you will leave the sale with as much profit as possible.

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