How Much Does it Cost to Sell My Home in Washington? Try Our Calculator!

When deciding what the right next step for you and your family is going to be, it's important to have as much information as you possibly can. We have created a calculator that uses general industry estimates to calculate how much it will cost to sell your home.

Two Options When Selling

In general you have two options when selling your home. The first is the traditional route: you hire a realtor, get a home inspection, fix major issues, stage the home, host tours, field offers, and finalize the sale. This is generally the most lucrative option but it may take months and many headaches to get the right offer. The other option is to sell to one of the top companies that buy houses for cash in Washington like us. There are no repairs, no showings, and you can close as quickly as 7 days! After fees are included, the cost differences between both options aren't very different. Although you may get a slightly higher sale price by waiting for the perfect buyer, fees will chip away at it.

Calculate Your Home Costs

We created a quick home sale calculator to estimate what you will pay and what you could end up taking home. Whether you decide to list or go with a cash offer, we can help you through your next steps. Contact us to today so we can estimate the value of your home, present you an all-cash offer, and help you decide which method of sale will be best for your family.

Calculate the Costs of Selling Your Home

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