10 Moving Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is said to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life but it can also be a time of cleansing and renewal. We’ve put together a few tricks that our clients use when getting ready to sell their home to make sure their move is as seamless as possible. If done right, your move could be – dare we say it – an enjoyable time.

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Start early and begin going room by room, corner by corner, and cabinet by cabinet to ask yourself if you really need each item you come across. Put everything into four bins: trash, donate, sell, and decide later. Sometimes you aren’t completely ready to let go of something so set it aside and make that decision before you move. Remember the three year rule: if you haven’t used it in three years, it’s time for it to find a new home.

Make a Folder

A physical folder is best, but a digital folder will do as well. Keep a well organized folder of documents, phone numbers, addresses, contacts, and more. Anything that you might need to easily access while signing paperwork, setting up utilities, getting a new state driver’s license, and more should be kept close by and easily accessible just in case. It’s better to have too many documents than not enough. Also, don’t assume that you will have internet access or be able to quickly send someone a PDF to print.

Begin Packing Early

Start by season. If you’re moving next spring, neatly pack away the holiday decorations and winter clothes as the final season in your current home ends. If there are areas of your home that you don’t use as often, take your time and pack those areas up first.

Make Plans Early

The best way to avoid stress for a move is to know when things are going to happen, who you will be hiring, and where each member of your family will be – even the furry ones. Go ahead and start getting quotes for movers early. Decide on how you will transition your kids, pets, and plants to their new home – especially if you’re moving across state lines. Also, book whatever you can as early as you can.

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Schedule Everything

Make a list of the utilities you need to set up along with the dates you need to cancel your current ones. Schedule donation pick-ups for larger furniture and items that didn’t make the cut. The most important item is to change your address not only with the USPS but with every person and business that sends you mail. It may help to start making the list as you receive mail over the few months before your move.

Pack Essentials Separately

Important documents and sentimental items that you can’t live without should always be kept with you if possible. Insurance will cover a lost couch, but it won’t replace your grandma’s priceless necklace. It is also a huge pain to replace passports or birth certificates so make sure you always know where they are located.

Properly Mark Every Single Box

Yes, every single box should be marked. Some people go as far as to color code boxes by room, which is extremely helpful for movers. But unless you enjoy opening fifteen boxes looking for a pan to cook dinner your first night in your new home, noting what is inside each box will save you hours of time when you’re getting settled in your new home.

Make It Easy

A lot of the headache in moving is thinking that you are saving yourself or the movers’ time when instead you are making it harder on everyone involved. For instance, leave organized dressers full and simply tape them up so they don’t open in the moving truck. Leave clothes on hangers and stuff them in bags or put them in boxes as-is. Use towels and linens to pack breakable items. Utilize suit cases for extremely heavy items that will be easier to move if pulled on wheels. Work smarter and make the move a little easier on you.

Use Proper Equipment

There are far too many horror stories about people trying to move their large TV’s in makeshift boxes. Splurge a little on a TV box, heavy-duty tape, and studier boxes. Don’t be afraid to buy more than you need. If you are packing slowly and giving yourself extra time, you’ll also have a buffer if you need to run out and grab additional materials.

Upgrade When Possible

Not everyone can afford a higher tier of moving gear, but when you can – go for it! If you are DIY’ing your move, consider upgrading to a larger truck than you think you’ll need, make sure it has a loading ramp, and make sure you rent that dolly.

Bonus: Take Photos

When you’re packing an important box, snap a photo of what is inside. When you’re taking apart a bed, snap a photo of all of the pieces. When you’re unplugging your TV, snap a photo of all of the cord placement first. You may not need every photo you take, but a few seconds to snap one may save you hours trying to remember what went where.

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